We Exist to Unlock Possibilities

We are a team of industry veterans, scientists and drug developers committed to creating transformative medicines for patients, pursuing cutting-edge science, as well as creating a company that benefits our community and where our people can thrive.

Our team has built a platform to drug previously inaccessible therapeutic targets for inflammatory diseases and cancer by integrating complementary technologies and innovative chemistry that enables new biological insights. Together, we are unlocking possibilities for patients, science and our community.

For Patients

We are developing transformative medicines to treat inflammatory diseases and cancer.

For Science

We are expanding scientific opportunities to solve challenging problems.

For Our Team

We are creating a world-class company where people thrive.

We Are Doing our Part to Make an Impact, Responsibly

We are passionate about making a positive difference. This sentiment is often thought of as a reflection of our pledge to patients and pursuing medicines that can benefit their lives. And it is, but this commitment extends far beyond the patients we serve. We are also dedicated to the betterment of our employees, partners and community – in addition to the responsible stewardship of our environment and its precious resources.

Social Responsibility

We value diversity in people. We believe that our differences and unique perspectives translate into new ideas and greater innovation. We place the utmost value in a workplace that is equitable and inclusive to race, gender or gender identity, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or any other human characteristic. We are proud that our BOD has 50% female representation, including our Chairperson.
We are our employees. We offer competitive salaries and bonus incentives, which we benchmark against others in our industry. We take care of our employees through comprehensive benefits coverage, assistance services, and ensuring they have opportunities for training, development and professional growth. Additionally, we offer wellness programs and an onsite gym for the physical well being of our employees.

Environmental Stewardship

We have one planet, and we have a shared duty to take care of it. We implement good laboratory practices in our labs to ensure the safety and quality of our product candidates and employ strict standards for proper disposal. We also encourage a reduced carbon footprint from our employees by offering e-vehicle charging, reimbursement for public transit, and onsite showers for employees who wish to run or bike into work. Additionally, we actively recycle at both our facilities and use energy efficient materials.

Corporate Governance

We have an independent Board of Directors that oversees the company’s operations. We conduct the business of the company consistent with the highest standards of business ethics and in compliance with all applicable laws.