At Recludix, we are innovators and inventors. We take on challenging biologically-validated targets that have been previously elusive but that have the potential to transform medicine.

The work you do at Recludix will have a direct impact on patients, push the bounds of science, and expand your professional horizons. We have set out to build a deliberate culture that is grounded in scientific rigor, transparency, and learning – knowing that our mission is greater than any one person or team.


Recludix is Defined by our Values


Our standards are high. We are rigorous in our science and intentional in the kind of company we are building – integrity, creativity, and innovation happen on purpose.


Our science only happens as a team. We are transparent in our communication and hold each other accountable to create a community of ideas where continuous learning drives better results.


Our passion for the work and its potential to improve patients’ lives anchor us. The appreciation, openness and genuine kindness of our colleagues inspires us.

Recludix’s Value is our People

“Recludix has provided me with excellent mentorship and support. My coworkers and upper management always have my back.”

Ksenya Cohen Katsenelson, Senior Scientist, Discovery Technology


“Working at Recludix, I have the opportunity to use our scientific platform to design drugs directed at well-known, but historically undruggable, biological targets.”

Sam Reznik, Director, Medicinal Chemistry

“As a young developing researcher, Recludix has provided me with a supportive community and incredible growth opportunities. I have been able to learn from brilliant scientists while increasing my independent work. It feels good to be recognized for my contributions early in my career.”

-Caitlin Keane, Research Associate

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